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The "Big Red One" - The First Infantry Division

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       Soldiers of the Big Red One got music, news and information from the division authorized radio station "KLIK" at their base camp in Lai Khe -- with additional Vietnam-wide radio from AFVN.

       "Radio Lai Khe," as it was sometimes called, was first operated by the 1st ["Iron"] Brigade, and was moved later to the Division PIO office. Below, you can hear shows by and about the Big Red One again from radio recordings made during the Vietnam War. 

KLIK - Radio Lai Khe
KLIK was originally a 'repeater station' of  AFVN broadcasts -- 
but grew up to become the 1st Inf Div radio station in Vietnam.

"Duty First" - 1st Div Radio Shows
Radio Features Aired on AFVN about the Big Red One
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        Fascinating 15 minute radio shows about units and men of the Big Red One in the field, on night perimeter defense, medevac'ing the wounded, and rolling down dangerous highways in convoys. Hear the officers and men, the artillery, the grunts, the medics, the division band, the chaplains, and many more.  These shows were produced 1LT Forrest Brandt and SP4 William  Johanson of 1st Div PIO during the Vietnam war -- with production assistance from AFVN. The shows aired Saturdays on the AFVN nationwide radio network.

SP4 William Johanson
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1LT Forrest Brandt

Special Feature
Songs of War in Vietnam [22 min] by CBS News Ike Pappas
Soldiers in the field -- many from the 1st I.D. -- write and perform heroic songs

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